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2016 Vegetable Garden: #Goals

I purposely haven’t been talking about the vegetable garden, because every year I talk about my various gardens. I’m pretty sure by now, if you’re a regular reader, you know it’s my thing. Seemingly, I’ve mastered growing various vegetables.  The trick this year is to successfully can what I grow. Last year my attempt at... Read more »

Canning Time: Tomato Edition

After planting a little late in the spring and the endless waiting, my tomatoes are finally in. Despite the fact the neighborhood children re-enacted their own version of La Tomatina by fighting with at least 40 POUNDS of everyone’s tomatoes, as you can see I still have plenty to work with. This week (or weekend)... Read more »

Spring Fever Hits Early: Lets Plan To Garden

Spring Fever Hits Early:  Lets Plan To Garden
I’ve been itching to plant my vegetable garden since the Christmas tree came down. Despite the fact it’s early March and there is still snow on the ground,  I’m eagerly looking forward to sunny days in the garden.  Yet as we all know, a productive and attractive garden doesn’t happen without a little planning. This... Read more »

Farewell Summer

With the Labor Day weekend upon us, I wanted to pay homage to the end of summer by posting pictures of my back deck container garden. Obviously this was before the brutal heat had it’s way with my petunias.

Urban Greening: Guerilla Gardening In Woodlawn, Part 2

The garden is all grown in.
The community garden in back of my home has grown in!

Urban Greening: Guerilla Gardening In Woodlawn

View of the garden beds from my back porch.
Some of my industrious and wonderful neighbors created these  garden beds from a neighborhood lot that’s been sitting vacant for some time. The land may belong to the city as they’re the ones who cut the grass in the summer. What used to be a place where homeless people camped, residents let their dogs run... Read more »