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Are The NFL's Domestic Violence Chickens Coming Home To Roost?

Are women starting to stay away from NFL broadcasts due to its ongoing domestic abuse scandals? According to Bloomberg, the chickens are coming home to roost: “Early evidence shows that there has been a dropoff in TV viewership of games by women, who in recent years have been the NFL’s fastest-growing fan segment. Sports Line... Read more »

Love The Team, Hate The League: Packers Fan Quits The NFL Over Domestic Abuse

Having a good friend who happens to be a Green Bay Packers fan has been daunting. Especially since I’m a Bears fan. Once I lost a bet on a Bears/Packers game and was subjected to wear Packers gear in a Packers bar watching a Packers game. It was pure hell. She loves her some green... Read more »

Bears Tickets Bartered For Summer Sailing

Bears Tickets Bartered For Summer Sailing
When life gives you a tremendous opportunity, parlay it into an even larger one! Instead of selling my NFC championship tickets, I bartered them for a summer cruise on the lake for me and my friends on the Tall Ship Windy.   Captain Bruce and I cut a similar deal four years ago when the... Read more »