Loretto Academy: A Glimpse Into The Past Of An Endangered Building

Last Tuesday the former Loretto Academy was auctioned as a part of a court ordered bankruptcy sale.  While the property sold for $395K, the identity of the new owner and their intentions for the building remains a mystery.  The building is in a horrible state of disrepair due to the neglect of the former owner.  Because of this, Loretto is in danger of its new owner deeming the repairs too costly and potentially demolishing this amazing building.

To give you a sense of what history could be lost, read the inscription on this postcard addressed to Miss Mae Sweeny of Tilman, IL  from her cousin Jessis (or Tessie)

(I can’t make out the date of the postmark, but the price of the stamp was 1 cent)

Dear Cousin,
I received your letter and was glad to hear from you.  How is the pony and the rest of the family.  This is where I go to school.  Loretta is coming down with us Xmas to (sic) I think.  Where the cross is, is my room.  I guess I will see you Xmas.  Papa goes out tonight.  How is Tom & Ide.  Love to all.

Jessie (or Tessie)

The caption under the picture of the building reads:  Loretto Academy – Corner of 65th Street & Washington Avenue, Chicago, Ill

Let’s hope the future of Loretto is much brighter than her recent past.  Beautiful buildings like this deserve to be saved.

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