Will Sweet Potato Pie Bring Our Country Together?

If you’re a pie lover consider this your trigger warning for the foolishness you’re about to see.

My reaction:


I’ve been looking at this fuckery for the past three days and still can’t make heads or tails out of it.  That is a “recipe” for Sweet Potato Pie that contains Parmesan cheese.


Foolishness.  Pure foolishness.

There is very little I can add to this discussion; but I will say that the comments section of the post are pure gold.  Trust me, you have to read them.

Some of the websites that I read discussed cultural appropriation and white people messing “our” food up.  While I very much understand their points, I disagree on where to assign blame.

I can’t put this off on white people.  Cooking Panda commenter Amistad Dollfave puts it into perfect perspective:


I am quite confident that there are millions of white Americans who live down south (Hey ya’ll!  How’s your Mama & them?) who are scratching their heads just like everyone else.

Who knew a sweet potato pie has the potential to bring us all together?  The outrage over this “recipe” is strong.

In the interest of national harmony, delicious pies, good taste and just plain old common sense, the person who came up with this version of Sweet Potato Pie needs to found—IMMEDIATELY

Not to shame him or her but for swift and delicious re-education on how to make a sweet potato pie.

I have never is my life heard of “dark sugar.”  If they meant to say dark brown sugar or brown sugar—*THAT* I understand.

And where are the spices?  The flavor giving spices that enhance the natural flavor of the sweet potato (or yams if you prefer).  I’ve just have never heard of any pie baked by anyone that doesn’t come with some type of spice.  It’s blasphemous.

Would you like to know my initial reaction to adding a TABLESPOON of butter in this adaptation of a Sweet Potato Pie?  And this is a direct quote:


There is nothing that can replace butter.  Ever.  More importantly a delicious Sweet Potato Pie needs more than ONE TABLESPOON of butter.

That shit disturbed me so much that I honestly had to give it to Jesus right then and there.  Because only God can make sense of out someone who is so stingy with their baked goods love that they only put in ONE TABLESPOON of butter.

In fact, let’s take a moment to pray on that right now.  Or if the word prayer makes you uncomfortable, perhaps quiet meditation.  It’s your choice.

Then of course it can’t make you any more uncomfortable than ONE TABLESPOON of butter in a Sweet Potato Pie makes me.

I bet you this “recipe” was concocted by a person who doesn’t even eat butter.

Yeah, their clothes sizes are in the single digits (assuming it’s a woman) and yeah they probably aren’t carrying around any extra weight, but their souls are empty.  They probably purchase some type of butter substitute to put on their toast in the morning.

When my boyfriend and I were grocery shopping when we first started dating and he attempted to put margarine in the shopping cart, I looked at him like he had said something bad about my mother.

HIM:  “We’re on a budget and margarine is cheaper.”

ME:  “That substance will never pass over the threshold of my home, much less make it into the freezer.  Put it back.  It is an abomination to anyone who has functioning taste buds.”

HIM:  “But..”

ME:  *Arching an eyebrow*

Then of course if I have less then four pounds of butter in the freezer, I feel as if something is wrong in the universe.

So let’s recap:  This abomination is bringing the country together.  People who don’t eat and/or enjoy butter have no souls.  Lastly, we need to find the person who thought putting no spice, Parmesan cheese and ONE TABLESPOON OF BUTTER in a sweet potato pie is perfectly acceptable.

Lets get them the help they so desperately need.


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