Gardening Goals: No Seed Starting Without A Grow Light

With all of this warm weather, naturally my thoughts turn to gardening.

And eating a tomato that is actually red.

Naturally all of the gardening catalogs jammed my mailbox *after* Christmas so I was a little late finding out about this:


Make no mistake, it *will* be on the Christmas list for holiday 2016.

After last year’s seed starting fail, I decided to leave well enough alone for 2016 and plan on going with starter plants.

But the yearning to start my own seeds hasn’t gone away. I just decided that in order to do this properly, I’ll need a grown light. Not just a grown light, but a grow light attached to a cart.

I don’t receive enough light during the  early part of the year to encourage germination and healthy growth.  The seeds that I started last season didn’t make it through a week outside.  They simply weren’t strong enough.

I have a feeling that a grow light will be a game changer.

Attempting to start seeds last year gave me an appreciation for farmers and how we rely on them to feed us.

Because if we had to grown our own food…



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