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Happy Black History Month!

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Folks, we need to have a talk. Seriously. And what better time to have it than during black history month? Yeah, it’s time to make it about race again. The posts are forthcoming.       If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box... Read more »

Gardening Goals: No Seed Starting Without A Grow Light

With all of this warm weather, naturally my thoughts turn to gardening. And eating a tomato that is actually red. Naturally all of the gardening catalogs jammed my mailbox *after* Christmas so I was a little late finding out about this: Make no mistake, it *will* be on the Christmas list for holiday 2016. After... Read more »

#SavetheShrine: Why Is The Archdiocese In Such A Hurry To Tear Down A Historic Woodlawn Church

Look at this masterpiece.  It is the Shrine of Christ the King. Even with no roof and severe fire damage, she is still an impressive structure. I live so close to the Shrine that when she burned in October, I was close enough to see the smoke from my balcony. When I saw the live... Read more »

2016 DIY #HomeImprovementGoals

I've had these paint chips for months and am still going back and forth on the right color.
My ornaments were barely packed away downstairs when I had to start thinking about one big unfinished project and a few minor ones. No, the painting has yet to start.  And no, I still don’t know how to do prep or sand down the patching. Acquiring the knowledge, getting the supplies and borrowing the tools... Read more »

10 Signs That I'm Becoming A Black Woman Of A Certain Age

Unlike most of my contemporaries, I very much look forward to my next milestone birthday. I love that I’m becoming a woman of a certain age. Which is a nice way of saying that I’m becoming an old broad.  Considering the alternative, I’m perfectly fine with aging. Yet, despite my soul’s best efforts to continue... Read more »

Anti Cruelty Visit Yields A New Friend

Hot sauce was way more interested in the wall than posing for the camera.
The new inhabitants at my home first made themselves known on Christmas Eve. As dinner was being prepared, my boyfriend’s son notice something scurrying  out of the corner of his eye.  He said that it was a “roach” because he said it moved so fast. I looked at his with a healthy does of skepticism.... Read more »

The IKEA Shelves Are Done AND Styled!

An overview of all three shelves on my dining room wall.
Yes, I finished painting the IKEA shelves in November. Just because I finished painting them didn’t mean that I placed my books on them in any semblance of order.  The holidays were too close and I’m the first to admit when I can’t get it all done. And there was no way I was going... Read more »