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How To Not Have An Abortion

To say abortion is a hot button issue in our country is very much an understatement. The attack in Colorado Springs a few days ago underscored that point. Predictably, I found myself being drawn in discussions on Twitter about that very subject; but limited my responses so no endless back and forth occurred. For the... Read more »

Christmas Decorating Fail?

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Forget fighting over religion or politics at Thanksgiving. The huge disagreement brewing in my house is over Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. Kind of like the ones in that video above. I already know what I think of this River North hotel’s seasonal display.  The question is what do you think? Tasteful or nah?  ... Read more »

My Ikea Vittsjo Hack Is Done!

Remember this?   Now it looks like this. I don’t feel the need to post the detailed steps as the Ikea Vittsjo hack is fairly common and a basic Google search will yield multiple results. But…I did find some excellent examples here, here and here. A few pro tips: Buy a mask if your sensitive... Read more »

An Imperfect Holiday

An Imperfect Holiday
I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t have a perfectly styled home for the holidays. Scratch that—it won’t even be painted. Of course I had a grand plan.  The fireplace was to be taken out, walls were going to be patched and then I’d get most everything painted. As the saying goes, the... Read more »