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The Holidays Are Here!

In less than 10 minutes the mad rush towards the 2015 holiday season begins. I for one am thrilled. Out with ghouls and goblins, in with snow globes and glitter!   If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription”... Read more »

Home Improvement Dilemma

Guess who had the fireplace taken out in her living room, has a huge patched wall and doesn’t know how to paint. Lets see how this works out three weeks before Thanksgiving and a month before the tree comes in. Lord…   If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type... Read more »

I Might Have A Practical Need For Leggings

I need you all to sit down for this one. I’m considering purchasing a few pairs of leggings. I know—it’s a bold step from the woman who wrote this only a few months ago. But I have a good reason for wanting leggings; as the weather turns colder it eliminates me from wearing my beloved... Read more »

I Don't Want Your Sympathy Or Your Pity: Chicago Segregation Explained

A few weeks ago, I sat in one of my favorite watering holes being lectured by a (near) complete stranger on Chicago segregation. Let that sink in. Already I’m digressing.  Let me start the story from the top. I had the unexpected encounter with my friend after a mid week errand found me by our... Read more »

My Ikea Vittsjo Hack

Black-brown Ikea Vittsjo shelves in their natural state.  A nice and functional base to start without the gold/brass finish that I'm looking to emulate.
I wanted new shelves. Not just any shelves, but shelves that looked like this. Shelves that be pretty and functional.  A place to mainly store books, keepsakes, pictures and other mementos. But then reality set in. The cost of a simple pair of metal shelves—whether they be rustic or a sophisticated etagere were staggering.  For... Read more »

The Last Crop Of The Gardening Season: Potatoes

The past month in the garden has been about collecting the last of any late blooming vegetables and cleaning out the beds. It also meant that I had to finally face the inevitable—dig up the potatoes that I planted. Seeing that outdoor time will soon be at a premium, I decided that today was a... Read more »

Canning Time: Tomato Fail

Remember when I took a stab at canning tomatoes? It turned out to be an epic fail. How do I know?  A few weeks after that initial canning, I opened up a jar to use in some chili I was making and once I cracked the seal those tomatoes fizzed like soda pop. If I... Read more »