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The Dochester Botanical Garden Is On Twitter

The Dorchester Botanical Garden is now on Twitter. Check out the latest goings on with the construction of east Woodlawn’s newest garden.

When Uber Overdraws Your Account You Have Little Recourse

I’ve been a regular supporter and frequent customer of Uber.  To say I’m a fangirl would be an understatement. My relationship with Uber was going along swimmingly—until last week. I contacted Uber to take me and the boyfriend home on the night of my birthday.  Harmless enough, eh?  I thought so too until I saw... Read more »

Donating To Charity? Not If You Live Outside The (Boundary) Lines

It would seem that nothing is ever easy on the south side. Even when you’re trying to donate to a charity. Almost two weeks ago I sent a note to Brown Elephant to arrange a donation pickup of some gently used furniture and received the following response: Hi XXXX, Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, your... Read more »

Slavery As A Game And A Teaching Tool

While going through my Twitter feed this morning, I was alerted to the existence of “Playing History 2 – The Slave Trade” on an entertainment platform called Steam. If you clicked on the link above perhaps you understand why my jaw hit the floor.  What’s even worse is that this game is intended as a... Read more »

The Metropolitan Is Being Repaired

After years of significant deterioration, work is finally being done on the roof of the Metropolitan. I have no idea if the ownership of the building is still under TWO or has changed hands.  I’m not even sure why the building is being repaired at this time. But rest assured that I will start asking... Read more »

I Don't Want Your Sympathy Or Your Pity: I'm Invisible

This is the first story in a series in which I discuss my individual experiences as a black woman living in Chicago.  Too often the dialogue on race in this country is littered with folks who lament that we can’t have a real conversations about the subject. I’m doing my part to change that. Honestly,... Read more »

I Don't Want Your Sympathy Or Your Pity: Discussing Race

It’s difficult to fully articulate my feelings on race in this country without becoming angry these days I’m mystified how some people can be so ignorant and obtuse on matters that have such a profound impact on my life.  And as I stated above, it really, really, really pisses me off. And yes, I could... Read more »