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The Dorchester Botanical Garden Is Taking Shape

An amazing transformation is happening at the corner of 64th Street & Dorchester. What was once a vacant, weed chocked lot, is slowly but surely turning into something beautiful.   I’m excited to see how phase one of the Dorchester Botanical Garden will turn out in October when it’s slated to be completed.  You honestly... Read more »

The Backyard Garden: Squash-a-palooza!

Seriously, I have a lot of squash.  More than I know what to do with. It started out innocently and with the best of intentions: Then the damn thing grew to proportions that reminded me of  “Audrey II”  from the “Little Shop Of Horrors.”   I loved picking fresh squash out of the garden: But... Read more »

The Backyard Garden: The New Beds

The largest of the new beds during wedding and soil prep.
This spring some of my neighbors’ zeal for gardening didn’t quite resurface and I was lucky enough to inherit their neglected beds. In all, I picked up a larger rectangular bed and a smaller square bed. I wasn’t quite sure what I would plant in the larger one until a friend had an overabundance of... Read more »

Pinterest Saved My Petunias!

Pinterest Saved My Petunias!
One of my biggest gardening problems is the fact I could never keep my petunias alive after a certain point in the growing season. It drove me crazy. They would look good for the first month and a half then all of a sudden get leggy, start to get brittle and yellow, then die. Luckily... Read more »

Ditching Your Leggings? Here's what to wear.

 Last week I wrote a little post about the rules for wearing leggings. Apparently it struck a note with folks.  Feedback flowed from many engaged readers. A frequent concern voiced by my fellow plus sized sisters was about the lack of clothing options for women of size.  “What are we supposed to wear?  Where are... Read more »

Another Chicago Taxi Fail

If it weren’t so sad, my negative encounters with taxi drivers would be high comedy. Regular readers of this blog know of my many encounters with taxi drivers who balk at taking me home to Woodlawn.  I honestly can’t believe that they don’t have a picture of me captioned “DON’T PICK THIS WOMAN UP!” at... Read more »

If You're Going To Wear Leggings Please Follow These Rules

I have no love for leggings.  None. Actually, let me restate that—I have no love for leggings outside of a sports/workout situation. Zip.  Zero.  Zilch. Or as a friend said, I’m leggings adverse. They don’t do any favors for most of the ladies who wear them.  That doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with... Read more »