Upskirted In River North: Too Close For Comfort

There were seemingly a million things on my mind as I waited for the bus this afternoon on the north east corner of Wacker and Wabash.

What was I going to cook for dinner?

God, I’ve got to throw in a load of laundry.

Shit, don’t I have to do a grocery list?  When in God’s name am I going to have time to shop in the next few days?

Then I stumbled on the guy’s foot next to me.

He was already standing a little bit too close; closer than a strange man should.

I knew he was there.

I saw him slide in the bus shelter next to me as I and others stood waiting for a delayed south bound #6 Jackson Park  bus.

And he was standing close to me.  Way too close to me.

Yet I didn’t move.

I didn’t move because I’m of the belief that if a strange man is in your space that you have already established, you stand your ground.  You make him move.  If some man makes you leave your space, he may get the idea that the slightest hint of intimidation will make you cede.

If you give an inch, some fools will take a mile.

So I didn’t cede and stood my ground—and so did he.

He didn’t move.

Not only did he not move, but I kept on stumbling over this idiot’s foot.  I thought to myself “God, why can’t he keep himself in his own space?”

“Why am I stumbling on his foot for a third time?”

And that’s when I noticed it—a cell phone attached to his shoe with the camera lens pointed directly up the skirt of my dress.


Part 2:  Upskirted In River North:  The Confrontation


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