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Listen To Your Mother Is This Sunday!

Listen To Your Mother Is This Sunday!
In three days my Chicago cast mates and I will storm the stage at the Athenaeum Theater to bring you Chicago’s fourth annual Listen To Your Mother show (LTYM). You really should buy a ticket and come out and see us. And I’m not saying that because I’m in the show. There are some amazing... Read more »

Gardening 2015: From Seeds To Seedlings & Starting to Prep The Beds

East facing view of main garden including the newly dug potato beds.
Fun fact:  Prepping the beds means picking up the dog poo left over by lazy owners who let their dogs run free in the garden.     If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is... Read more »

Racial Missteps Aren’t Just For White People

We’ve all done it, haven’t we? We’ve all said something that was so breathtakingly racially or culturally insensitive, that you can barely believe it came out of your mouth. God knows I’ve made my fair number of embarrassing racial missteps. Like the time I told a blue eyed, blond haired Latina that she didn’t look... Read more »

Domestic Matters: Learning How To Make Sourdough Bread From Scratch

As if starting my vegetable garden from seed wasn’t challenging enough, I’ve decided to attempt to learn how to make sourdough bread from scratch. As if I don’t have enough to do. The picture below is my sourdough starter in the process of being made. Basically a sourdough starter is fermented flour and water.  ... Read more »

Woodlawn Retail

Nothing says please put your Presidential library in (near?) my neighborhood than the addition of a new high end cell retail phone store down the street from one of the proposed sites. *You know that was sarcasm, right?* Did I mention it’s right around the corner from where I live? What next, another fast food... Read more »

Stop Doing The Food Stamp Challenge!

Journalists have done the food stamp challenge. Government officials have done the food stamp challenge. CEO’s have done the food stamp challenge. Bloggers have done the food stamp challenge. Celebrities have done the food stamp challenge. We get it, you’re “concerned” about people on food assistance.  You’re so concerned that you think that these “challenges”... Read more »

Buying Steak And Seafood Is Not A Food Stamp Challenge

If it weren’t such a sad and trite tale, I’d be amused at the level of near hysteria leveled at SNAP recipients. That’s the food stamp program for those of you who don’t know. “OH MY GOD, THESE PEOPLE WILL BUY STEAK, SEAFOOD AND JUNK FOOD ON THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER’S DIME!  WE MUST GUARD AGAINST... Read more »