The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: Someone Dies

The worst imaginable thing happened after the DUI accident that my family member caused.

Someone died.

A mother gone because of a stupid, selfish decision to drink and drive.

The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: The Other Side Of The Story

The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: Criminal Justice System 101

And because of that decision two families lives were thrown into legal, financial and emotional turmoil.

All because of several drinks.

Trust me it’s not worth it.


Going out and plan on having a few or can’t drive home from your party? Here are a few designated driver resources:—A national directory of designated driving services to safely get you home. I’m not 100% sure about the list’s accuracy but at least it’s a good place to begin gathering information for your night out.

Lyft and Uber—The two most popular ride sharing services. Very easy to create a profile, download the app on your smart phone and use it when you need it.

Any facet of my posts sound familiar to you or your family? Do you think it’s time to get help for your drinking? is a great place to start.

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