The Boyfriend Chronicles: The Power Shift

One day when I was starting breakfast I noticed it.

My cat has started following my boyfriend around the house.

This is huge.

For those of you who have a cat you understand what a big thing this is.  For those of you who don’t have a cat, let me explain.

Generally, when a cat follows you around it is very much a sign of affection.  “It’s a sign that they’re interested in you and wants to be where you are.

And make no mistake, the cat was underfoot almost everywhere I went in my home.  That has changed.

As the boyfriend showered today, I noticed that the cat was sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for HIM to get out of the shower.

My eyebrows flew up as I watched Midas (my cat) patiently wait for the door to open.  As if he was reading my mind, he turned around and walked up to me and sat by my side—but only for a few minutes.

I know a pity follow when it happens.

There is clearly a power shift on who the #1 human is in this house.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Damn cat.  Clearly he ain’t loyal.


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