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The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: The Other Side Of The Story

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, holiday celebrations and parties will be in full swing. Sometimes, those parties end with people getting on the road who shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car.  We all know there is a cost.  Oft time that cost comes at the expense of someone’s life. It shouldn’t.  Drinking and... Read more »

What Do Ferguson and The South Side Have In Common? Nothing.

As our collective national debate swirls around the events in Ferguson and Cleveland, I have a simple story to tell. A story that illustrates why race still matters and why we as a nation have difficulty advancing towards a meaningful dialogue on the subject. Wednesday I was making arrangements with a long time friend about... Read more »

South Side Pie Challenge Encouraged Entrepreneurship

I grew up in a household where sweet potato pie was a staple. Usually considered a fall pie, that unwritten rule wasn’t observed in my house.  Any time of year was ideal for sweet potato pie—even in the warmer months. My mother’s recipe—that she got from her mother—-was always done by taste.  There wasn’t a... Read more »

The Boyfriend Chronicles: The Detergent Story

My boyfriend has temporarily moved in with me here on the south side. He is in-between apartments and until he finds another one in a suitable neighborhood on the north side, he is sitting right beside me on the couch. Here’s a few things you need to know about me:  I have no brothers, I... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: Things Fall Apart, Part 2

I tried.  I really, really tried. But I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t save my mother’s house. Prior to my her death, my sister and her children lived there and presently continue to do so. Circumstances—some known to me and some not—prevented the mortgage from being paid in a timely fashion.  Obviously in my state... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: Things Fall Apart

At the end of the summer in 1979 my mother, my sister and I came home to a big SOLD sign in the front yard of our home. Unbeknownst to us, our landlord had sold the only home my sister and I knew to the hospital across the street.  I have no idea how my... Read more »

Voting Today? The Question Every South and West Side Resident Needs To Ask

Of course you’re going to the polls to make your voice heard.  This is a big election. Today and in February various established and aspiring politicians will ask you for your vote. I suggest that any resident of the south or west sides respectfully ask these politicians if they publicly commented on the French government’s... Read more »