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The Holidays Are Here!

I know you may not want to face this, but as far as I’m concerned Christmas is here. As soon as the last piece of candy is given out  tonight, you might as well star decking the halls.  If it can snow in the Loop on Halloween, we can all start thinking about Christmas. In... Read more »

Halloween Craft Fail

The above picture is an example of a Halloween craft fail. For a quasi-crafty person such as myself, this is unacceptable.  Plus I’m a big fan of finishing what I started. I bought the craft pumpkin and the plain skull.  I already has the glitter, the owl and the rest of the stuff in my... Read more »

Are The NFL's Domestic Violence Chickens Coming Home To Roost?

Are women starting to stay away from NFL broadcasts due to its ongoing domestic abuse scandals? According to Bloomberg, the chickens are coming home to roost: “Early evidence shows that there has been a dropoff in TV viewership of games by women, who in recent years have been the NFL’s fastest-growing fan segment. Sports Line... Read more »

Halloween Blackface Evolution: Jay Z & Beyonce

Pro tip:  If you want to pay homage to your favorite black celebrity or sports figure via your Halloween costume, THIS is the way to do it: (H/T on the image to Vibe Vixen) The unidentified couple on the right really has the Jay Z and Beyonce look down without darkening their skin.  Creative, appropriate... Read more »

Blackface On Halloween---Again

I knew it was coming.   It does every Halloween. There’s always some offensive blackface costume followed by denials of racism with a side of righteous indignation for people to “lighten up.” Then the perpetrators claim to not understand why their witty costume caused such an uproar—usually after they lose their jobs or have been publicly... Read more »

The 63rd Street Metra Refurbish: It Ain't New, But It's Better Than What It Was

View of the inbound platform with new wooden planks.
The 63rd Street Metra station has been wasting away for quite some time. Rotting wooden boards.  Slippery stairs.  Railings that made you feel as if you would need a tetanus shot—you name it, it was in a state of disrepair at the 63rd Street station. And oy, those leaky shelters. I’m not sure if Metra... Read more »