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A Moment of Beauty And Clarity In An Otherwise Ugly World

Since Easter two women were murdered by their husbands with their children in close proximity. A woman was gunned down in front of her house last Friday in a drive by and two days ago a 14 year old killed another 14 year old allegedly because of a boy. As Americans and Chicagoans we find... Read more »

Death of A Teenager: Reality Sets In

On Monday afternoon Endia Martin lost her life allegedly over a boy. Truthfully, the teenager lost her life over misplaced aggression, the actions of a hyper violent adult and a poor choice by another girl. I couldn’t help but think about this scene from season 3 of “Homicide:  Life On The Street:” Now another girl,... Read more »

Good Gardening News And Bad Gardening News

Finally!  A plot out back in our little community garden.
The garden out back continues to grow thanks to the hard work of my neighbor Hank. If anyone thinks gardening is a leisurely pursuit, they clearly have never cleared a foundation left by an old building by hand in the blazing sun. Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog already knows the immense... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel And Community Values

Did Mayor Emanuel question the values and morality of the residents of violence plagued neighborhoods? Did those words seriously come from his mouth? That, ladies and gentlemen, take a set of stones.  An honest to God brass pair. The mayor has the gall to lay the bulk of the continuing violence at the feet of the people... Read more »

Chief Keef's Neighborhood

Let me see if I have this right. A landlord that doesn’t perform proper tenant screening. Questionable characters coming and going at all hours, stirring up a ruckus. Quality of life going down the shitter. Pissed off neighbors making frequent calls to the police. And those very same neighbors afraid to give their names to... Read more »

My Antiques Roadshow Application

I love the Antiques Roadshow. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that show. When I heard they were coming back to Chicago this summer, I went to the website and signed up for tickets.  I want to bring this in for the experts to give the once over. I actually don’t think she’s worth anything, but... Read more »

Idling Trains In Woodlawn: Are We Safe?

For as long as I have lived in Woodlawn, I can always remember seeing or hearing some type of train idling. My section of the neighborhood is a block from the Metra Electric or IC (Illinois Central) tracks. Frankly, I’m not sure who owns or maintains the tracks—that’s the one fact I haven’t been able... Read more »