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Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: The Twist

I had gone to and completed the marathon application process. I received my eligibility results the same day (October 16th). The State of Illinois called me approximately on December 16th. The representative left a voice mail check to see if I still was interested in the program and a phone number to call back... Read more »

Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: Eligibility Results

I'm told that I "may" be eligible for Illinois Family Care which is a fancy way of saying medicaid.
Almost immediately after finishing the marathon application at for the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare), my eligibility result became available. Apparently, I “might” be eligible for Illinois Family Care.  That’s medicaid for those of you who don’t know. The trouble was that I was no closer to understanding what my benefits were or if... Read more »

Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: The Application, Part 3

The questions continue about income.  For my particular situation, wanted to know when my unemployment ended.
This is the home stretch of my Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) application. I finally was able to complete the whole process and was able to instantly receive my eligibility status. These final screen shots start with the website continuing to verify my income and (finally) finishes with my results. The screen shots of that... Read more »

Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: The Application, Part 2

The application continues with asking if you want help paying for health coverage.
This installment of the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) application starts with the applicant being asked if they need help paying for health care and ends with questions about income. Shockingly enough, the application is still many questions away from being completed. If you had (or have) a shaky internet connection like I do, this... Read more »

Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: The Series Continues Tomorrow

Excuse my manners for not wishing you kind readers a Happy New Years. I’ve been a tad preoccupied with a few other pressing matters that I will discuss in later posts. A few of you have been waiting for the conclusion of my ACA/Obamacare series.  Sorry that I kept you waiting but as I said,... Read more »

Come Out And Get Some Chili This Saturday!

For some reason I’ve really been caught up in entering cooking and baking contests. Since August, I’ve entered (and placed) in two competitions.  So when I heard about a chili contest I knew I had to toss my hat in the ring for that one as well. The 9th Annual Crew Bar and Grill Charity... Read more »

Alinea Baby? Not In This Establishment

The fine dining world is in a tizzy about the fussy baby that was tweeted about at Alinea last Saturday. The debate rages on about the appropriateness of bringing a small child (or any children for that matter) to a setting that does not cater to their needs. “Yes I should be able to bring... Read more »