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Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: Health Care Bills

Those routine tests can be very expensive.
Before I finish the story about my Obamacare journey, I thought I’d give you all a glimpse of reality. The first bill is for my yearly checkup and pap smear.  The second is for my annual mammogram.  The total of both bills is $1,150.00. For those of you who live in the land of deductibles,... Read more »

New Years Bedroom Makeover Challenge

My second bedroom is an absolute shit show. I mean look at that room.  Clearly it needs to be cleaned and organized. Because this will be my New Years/Spring 2014 main home improvement project, I’ll document the journey my extra space will take from shit show to functional. Stay tuned for the transformation. What will... Read more »

Horrible Choices Children Make May Not Be The Parent's Fault

In the past month, the following incidents have made headlines: Another school shooting and suicide. A young man effectively walking away from a multiple victim DUI vehicular homicide. A young man allegedly arranging the murder for hire of his mother. A young woman allegedly participating in a robbery where she became the fatality. A young... Read more »

Unemployment Ends Today: I'm Tired of Congress Playing With My Life

I am one of the estimated 1.3 million Americans that will lose their unemployment today. To be truthful, I’m over it. I’m over my case of chronic joblessness. I’m over interviewing.  I’m over explaining what I do to well meaning friends.  I’m over the rejection.  I’m over being blown off by friends of friends who... Read more »

A Crafty Christmas---Unemployment Edition

Christmas 2010 found me desperately broke but with a hot glue gun and an overabundance of ornaments.  After modifying an Eddie Ross tutorial, this is an example of the ornament wreaths that I now create.
Yes, I’m still unemployed. Yes, Congress did not see fit to extend unemployment benefits prior to their holiday break. Yes, that means Christmas is just a little more stressful than usual.  Because who doesn’t like worrying about how to pay utilities during winter in Chicago? What’s a woman to do? Get an industrial strength glue... Read more »

Vacant Building + High School Kids = Trouble

I’ve written extensively about the Woodlawn Organization owned vacant Metropolitan building for years. In its former incarnations the building was once the former Loretto Academy, Christ Apostolic Church and most recently Entry House which ceased operations a few years ago.  Since then it’s been sitting empty. And an empty building is never a good thing... Read more »

Vacant Woodlawn Organization Owned Building Back In Court On Tuesday

The back view of the Metropolitan building annex as seen from Blackstone Avenue.
The Woodlawn Organization owned building—the former Metropolitan—will be back in housing court on Tuesday, December 10th. How do I know? I ran into the building inspector who was inspecting the property last Thursday morning. Honestly, this news doesn’t surprise me. The fact that the property has an open door and is accessible to anyone who... Read more »