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Good Gardening Costs: A Gethsemane Garden Center Pictorial

How much would you pay for this amazing arrangement?
If you didn’t already know, good gardening costs. A lot. To achieve that full effortless look isn’t something that just happens—it is planned and executed. Yet non gardeners or people unfamiliar with the cost of plants and labor are shocked when they discovered the level of planning and the amount of money that a good... Read more »

A Woodlawn Organization Owned Building Falls Into Neglect

The unkempt front of the Woodlawn Organization owned Metropolitan.  The entrance has been boarded up for some time.
The building that housed the Woodlawn Organization’s Entry House has been neglected since the program’s closing. Since the program was  shuttered in early 2012; the building now known as the Metropolitan, sits empty with plywood covering the front doors.  Overgrown grass and weeds dominate the property. Related Posts: TWO Gas Bill Woes Will Negative Press... Read more »

When Does A Spanking Go Too Far: Lessons Learned

I’m relieved to report that I have seen and spoken with the children next door and as far as I can tell they seem to be alright and in good spirits. I’ve been monitoring the situation—the best that I can from across the breezeway—and I haven’t heard anything remotely resembling what I heard on the... Read more »

When Does A Spanking Go Too Far: DCFS Is Called

Let me just get this out there:   I have zero faith in DCFS. I have heard horror stories about the Department of Children and Family Services.  Most of them from close friends that have been in the system. Stories of overworked, stressed out and jaded caseworkers letting the welfare of children fall through the... Read more »

When Does A Spanking Go Too Far: Why I Didn't Call The Police

My original post very much hit a nerve with close personal friends, with my fellow Chicago Now bloggers and also with the general public. People reached out to me to tell their stories of abuse.  Others privately told me I was doing the right thing.  Strangers who know nothing of my personal character, much less... Read more »

The Girl In The Window

One of my little neighbors has taken quite an interest in me. She always opens up the window to say hello.  She always waves and tells me how much she likes my flowers. I once caught her sitting eating a bowl of cereal in her darkened dining room staring across the breezeway into my darkened... Read more »

When Does A Spanking Go Too Far?

One of my young neighbor received a spanking on Wednesday. Her screams jarred me out of the drudgery of washing my dishes, but it was the sound of the belt on her skin that made me pay attention. I could hear what was going on because the temperatures were so mild that day, my dining... Read more »