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Gardening Fail: Dead Plants---What Did I Do Wrong?

Clearly gardening is not an exact science.  The box on the left survived while the box on the right lost most of its plants.
I’m not quite sure what I did to derail my front porch containers but clearly the plants didn’t like it. The container on the left survived.  The container on the right lost its New Guinea Inpatients, regular Inpatients and most of the Creeping Jenny. Sigh. Next week I’ll buy replacement plants but I’m not a... Read more »

Blackhawks Fever: Chasing The Stanley Cup Is Best Left To Young(er) People

God my head hurts. And my mouth is dry.  And I have seemingly lost my will to live. All from attempting to find the Stanley Cup Tuesday night. After being the model of responsibility on Monday night and staying in to watch game six, I got the crazy idea in my head to attempt to... Read more »

Woodlawn Community Garden: A Progression In Pictures

View from my balcony of the ever expanding community garden in the back of my  building.
There are a lot of things right with Woodlawn. One of them happens to be right outside my back door. Over the past three seasons, my neighbor Hank Vogler, has meticulously and lovingly made a garden oasis out of four trash strewn lots. He took a shovel and started to dig. And soon, despite the... Read more »

The Enigmatic Carlton Knight

Ever so often, someone e-mails me a question or volunteers information about my real estate developer Carlton Knight. For those of you who don’t know the history, he is the driving force behind me starting my blog.  He is the reason “I Hate My Developer” exists. In the pre-Chicago Now version of this blog, I... Read more »

Rest In Peace Glorious Gardens Contest

I miss the Tribune’s Glorious Gardens contest. It was the holy grail of Chicagoland gardening for years.  Then after 2009—poof—-nothing.  Gone. And the Chicago garden scene has been poorer in its absence. I would dutifully submit my application every year.  I remember when you had to submit slides, then they changed to pictures—of course there... Read more »

The Hyde Park Garden Fair: The Game Of Thrones of Gardening

Brutal.  Machiavellian.  Ruthless.  A Blood Sport. No I’m not talking about the popular Game of Thrones television series.  I’m talking about the Hyde Park Garden Fair. For those of you who don’t know, the Hyde Park Garden Fair is the preeminent event for gardeners on the south side.  Billed as “Chicago’s Oldest Community Garden Sale”... Read more »

Garden Pictures: The Container Gardens Are Planted!

I planted the front balcony containers with Lemon Cypress, New Guinea Impatiens, Regular Impatiens, Petunias, Creeping Jenny and Dusty Miller.
You’ve seen my indoor herb garden and the first plantings of the vegetable garden in Jackson Park. Now I’d like to show you my container gardens. Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that I very much enjoy gardening.  Like most condo and apartment dwellers, containers are my preferred method of... Read more »