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Unemployment Stories: Crazy Rules

Did you know that if you’re on unemployment in the state of Illinois you need to make a minimum amount of money to be eligible for a second year of unemployment? Yes you should re-read that and no I’m not making that up. You need to make money in order  to stay on unemployment. According... Read more »

Indoor Gardening With Fresh Herbs

It’s almost gardening time! While it’s still too chilly to plant outside, I have gone ahead and put down my indoor herbs.  I potted two rosemary plants, basil & cilantro.  Yesterday a friend gave me some mint she had divided so it isn’t in the picture. In a few weeks I should be enjoying some... Read more »

Why Would A White Person Move Into A Black Neighborhood?

Haven’t you ever wondered what motivates a white person to move into a black neighborhood? I have. As the weather breaks and long lost neighbors return to outdoor activities, I see my white neighbors and I start to wonder. I start to wonder about their personal story. I start to wonder how they found their... Read more »

When You Refuse My Invitation Because Of My Neighborhood, I Take It Personally

I am acutely aware of where I live. I realize that the name Woodlawn doesn’t spring to most people’s minds when it comes to naming one of Chicago’s choicest neighborhoods. I know the south and west sides are awash in violence.  And yes, some of that violence occurs in Woodlawn. As I’ve stated previously, I... Read more »

Gardening Time In Jackson Park

The sign welcoming you to the Jackson Park Community Garden.  Right off the first tee of the Jackson Park Golf Course.
Growing Power had the Jackson Park Community Garden orientation this past Saturday and gardeners old and new came out to get their plots. The Growing Power staff had been hard at work preparing the garden’s beds and walk ways, as well as transplanting strawberry plants into a community plot for all to harvest and enjoy.... Read more »

Prom Season Is Upon Us

A sampling of what we may see for the well dressed young man for the 2013 prom season.
Prom Season 2013 is nearly upon us.  As I passed by my local seamstress’ shop, I saw this offering in the window. Am I hopelessly traditional in my formal wear tastes or is avant garde all the rage on the south side this year?   If you enjoyed this gallery, please join I Hate My... Read more »

Is This What Should Have Happened To The Wilding Teens On Michigan Avenue?

Please be advised that the video below is graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all audiences. The young women above were disciplined by their father for allegedly taping and distributing “twerking” videos on Facebook. I know few fathers that would encourage their daughters to behave in such a manner.  I know even... Read more »