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Spring Cleaning and Organizing The Pantry? Ikea Has The Answer

Pantry view from the kitchen.
I couldn’t take it anymore. My kitchen pantry was—frankly speaking—a cesspool.  The oddly shaped space in my vintage building desperately needed organizing and accessible storage.   It was time to take a trip to Ikea. After sketching and measuring my space, a friend patiently helped me pick out pieces from the Algot system.  I needed storage... Read more »

Four Places You Want To Avoid Easter Weekend

Learn from my mistakes.  You do not want to go to these places in the days leading up to Easter. Trust me. 4.  A Shoe Store While most people’s Easter outfits have been selected for weeks, those little accessories like shoes haven’t. Most people’s busy schedules mean that the shoe shopping began in earnest on... Read more »

Woodlawn Stories: Two Years Later And No Arrest In Barbara Smith's Murder

The two year anniversary of Barbara Smith’s murder was yesterday. Despite what seemingly remains a cold case, my next door neighbors in her former building still keep her memory alive. If you liked reading this, please join I Hate My Developer on Facebook      

Woodlawn Stories: A Cat Is Trying To Adopt Me

I have a new visitor who is trying to move into my home. He’s (she’s?) so cute and keeps showing up at my back door mewing for food, a warm place to sleep and love. Unfortunately for Mr. (Ms?) Cat I can barely feed the feline that already DOES live with me.  Might I add... Read more »

The Eleven Signs That Your New Neighbors Will Be Trouble

You see them moving in and you just know. Whether it’s the plastic trash bags in lieu of moving boxes, the “moving in party” that lasts into the wee hours of the morning or the motley assortment of visitors that your new neighbors bring with them—you just know that they are gonna be trouble. Bad... Read more »

In Defense of Alderman James Cappleman: He's Right About The Salvation Army Mobile Trucks

Have you ever come home to a dice game on your doorstep? Or someone passed out in front of your door wallowing in there own bodily waste? How about witnessing a young teenage girl performing oral sex on a man old enough to be her grandfather by your building’s dumpster? I have. Those three incidents... Read more »