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The Top Ten Blessings of Being Unemployed

Being unemployed doesn’t have many silver linings but I’ve figured out a few things that I’d like to share.  Below are the lessons I’ve gleaned: 1.  Faith While I realize that some people don’t believe in God, there’s no other way to explain how I lived through five weeks of Congress cutting off my unemployment... Read more »

The State Of The Neighborhood

You know that tickle you get in your stomach when you know something is about to go wrong? Changes have happened on our block and my gut tells me that it’s not for the better. We’ve had an influx of new residents in two buildings and judging by the levels of trash, noise and shady... Read more »

Say My Name

I don’t have a standard first name.  Yes, I’m one of those “difficult” name individuals. Growing up, people always asked me if I had a nickname.  I promptly told them no. From the moment I learned how to spell what was on my birth certificate, I’ve been a proponent of people correctly pronouncing my name.... Read more »

My Conservative Problem, Quvenzhane Wallis, Facebook and The Onion

As of today, I have 459 friends on Facebook.  A good portion of them—I’m guessing 20-25%—have much different political views than mine. To be honest with you I didn’t think I had a problem with that. Or so I thought. Lately though I’m seeing another side of some of the people I call friend and... Read more »

Arrangement Finders, Billboards & Sweet Young Things: Take a Lesson from Beyonce

I could give a flying fig about Arrangement Finders new billboard in River North. (photo NBC 5 Chicago) Clearly by all of the publicity, it’s already done it’s job (pun intended). People have been bartering, negotiating and selling sex for millennia.  That will never change no matter how many laws are passed or sermons given.... Read more »

Happy Unemployment Anniversary

As of Sunday, I’ve been unemployed for one calendar year.  365 days without a steady job. With my past two layoffs, I made it close to a year but never broke the official mark. This is uncharted territory for me.  Oddly enough I don’t know how I feel about hitting this unwanted milestone. Naturally, no... Read more »

Foreclosure Stories: The End

My mortgage nightmare was coming to an end. After being deeply underwater as property values in Woodlawn continued to decline, I had made an offer to purchase my condo for $20,000 and found a friend to finance the deal. Despite the fact that things were falling into place, I was still up against a big... Read more »