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A Lesson In Career Mobility From A Dollar Tree Associate, Part 1

I love dollar stores. More specifically I love the Dollar Tree chain of dollar stores. They are usually chock full of things that you need but don’t want to pay an outrageous amount of money for.  Batteries, candles, pot holders, cleaning products—you name it, Dollar Tree has it. With the holidays upon us and my... Read more »

Dating Over 40: Changing Your Relationship Status On Facebook

I met someone. Strike that—I met someone that I like. And he likes me as well. So when our flirtatious platonic relationship went from a first date to an actual relationship, no one could of been more surprised than me. Some of my friends knew about us and some had met him.  Others heard about... Read more »

30 Days Of Thanksgiving: Thankful For Failure

Like many of you, I’m participating in the “30 Days of Thanksgiving” project; listing what I’m thankful for everyday on my Twitter account.  When I was thinking about today’s 30 Days post, it occurred to me that I neglected to be thankful for the gift of failure. Yes, failure. Family turmoil coupled with being laid... Read more »

Who Are YOU To Judge My Blackness?

Why is it when some white people refers to a black person as “practically white” they think it’s a compliment? It’s not. This phrase has been uttered to me several times by either well meaning white friends or in some instances white strangers that think they and I are in the middle of a bonding... Read more »