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The True Fear Of Unemployment: Sink or Swim

On December 3rd, my state and federal unemployment benefits will be exhausted and I will receive my last check. Due to Illinois’ declining unemployment rate, the last 20 weeks of extended benefits have been eliminated. Part 1:  The True Fear of Unemployment Part 2:  The True Fear of Unemployment:  Anger Part 3:  The True Fear... Read more »

Guess What? Blackface on Halloween is Still Unacceptable.

I wrote about it last year, but the brilliant Franchesca Ramsey also put the message in video form: And just in case you need a handy guide to know if your costume is racist, please feel free to print this out. Really people? It’s 2012. Why do we have to keep having this conversation?

Drag Queens, Halloween and Walking In Heels

I really hate that some men can wear heels better than me. It’s so freaking unfair it drives me crazy. I’m not talking about professional drag queens.  If anything, those gentlemen prove the point that being a woman is anything but easy. I’m talking about guy from work who shows up in a pair of... Read more »

Race, Real Estate and The Bank Of America

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune reported that Bank of America has been accused of taking better care of foreclosed properties in predominately white neighborhoods than they do in minority neighborhoods. Oh boy here we go. Topics of race and racism are always incendiary. Nonetheless, when I do discuss issues of race with people I don’t know... Read more »

The True Fear Of Unemployment: Epiphany

I had just heard “no” one too many times. My last major interview, which I thought went well, did not result in a job offer. I was frustrated, angry and disappointed.  I was royally pissed off and didn’t really care who knew it. My gracious spirit definitely had an expiration date. I had gotten past... Read more »

The Community Garden Expands

It looks like the community garden is getting walled in.  I'm curious to see if it will be an actual wall or if it will turn into something else.  In any case, it's remarkable to watch it go up.
Gardening season may be behind us, but the community garden in back of my home keeps growing. The newest addition appears to be the beginning of a wall. I don’t know if he plans on enclosing the whole garden in or if he has some other grand design. Clearly, since the weather turned I don’t... Read more »