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A Lesson On Character From The West Wing

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“Leo McGarry” had character in spades.

How Humor Got Me Out Of A Racially Charged Situation or The Best Whitey Ruuska Story Ever!

Some years ago I was in a supermarket in Warsaw, Indiana. I had gone along with the Ruuska family from their nearby lake house for provisions for a picnic. Plus we had run out of beer. Everyone knows that lake houses and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. So there I was standing... Read more »

Character Counts: A Celebration Of The Life Of "Whitey" Ruuska

Character Counts:  A Celebration Of The Life Of "Whitey" Ruuska
I sat in a church yesterday and saw grown men moved to tears. I heard voices choked with emotion and booming timbres lowered to whispers. There was so much love and respect in that church for Whitey Ruuska it was palpable. Whitey was the father of a dear college friend.  He passed away about a... Read more »

Character Counts

Integrity and civility seem to be in short supply these days. Whether it’s people exhibiting their worst manners, government officials betraying the public trust or moguls practicing questionable business ethics; there seems to be an extreme shortage of strong examples of character. I realize our culture is kowtowing lately to the lowest common denominator.  Poor... Read more »

Shouldn't There Be Wine With Mammograms?

Today is mammogram day. You’ll excuse me if I’m not breaking out the party hats and streamers. Despite the fact a mammogram is the leading tool in the early detection of breast cancer, it doesn’t make the procedure a red letter day on any woman’s calendar. That’s because it hurts like a mother. For my... Read more »

Aging Gracefully: An Fortysomething's Perspective

I am not the woman I was twenty years ago. And I’m okay with that.  Strike that—I’m elated with that. Yet you start to notice things as you get older; some good and some bad. If you’re lucky, your experiences will give you a broader perspective on life.  Things that used to matter take on... Read more »

In Defense of Drew Peterson

I’ve never met Drew Peterson But like most people I do have an opinion about him. I believe Drew Peterson is a woman murdering scumbag. I believe he uses and disposes of women when they wise up to his philandering ways. I intensely dislike him. He is a disgrace to men and police officers.  He... Read more »