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Farewell Summer

With the Labor Day weekend upon us, I wanted to pay homage to the end of summer by posting pictures of my back deck container garden. Obviously this was before the brutal heat had it’s way with my petunias.

Urban Greening: Guerilla Gardening In Woodlawn, Part 2

The garden is all grown in.
The community garden in back of my home has grown in!

Woodlawn Vacant Lot Receives A Much Needed Garden Makeover

View of a former vacant lot on Dorchester Avenue between 64th & 65th Street.

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Random Gun Violence

Apparently there are gang confrontations erupting all over the south side. The one that’s of interest to me is the one at 67th & Blackstone.  That intersection has had three shootings already this summer. Yet one can never anticipate when or where deadly violence may occur.  The old rules dictated that violence usually didn’t happen... Read more »

The CTA's Bustracker Technology and The Gang War At 67th and Blackstone

67th and Blackstone may be only a few blocks away from my home but it often feels like it’s in another world. Last night, around the time I was coming in, a drive by shooting critically wounded a female bystander near that intersection. If the story had not been in the news this morning, I... Read more »

The True Fear Of Unemployment: Hope

Hope is a fragile emotion. It is hope that sustains you when you’re unemployed. Hope nourishes your troubled spirit and your bruised ego as you look for work. Hope wakes you up every day to follow up on networking leads. Hope makes you apply for positions, practice your “elevator pitch” and make sure your interview... Read more »

The True Fear Of Unemployment: Depression

It isn’t easy to chase away the darkness. The angst and feelings of failure weigh on your soul when you are unemployed.   Feelings that don’t go away despite the best wishes of friends and colleagues. It’s a tar pit of despair slowly sucking you in.  The more you struggle to get out, the quicker you... Read more »