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The True Fear of Unemployment: Anger

I have an undercurrent of anger that runs through me. On most days it isn’t detectable to anyone other than myself.  Like my fear due to my unemployment, it is in my best interests to keep it well hidden. But make no mistake, it’s there. I am pissed off at my circumstances. I am pissed... Read more »

The True Fear Of Unemployment

I live my life $686.00 at a time. That is the amount of the unemployment check that I receive every two weeks. And yes, I’m painfully aware that it’s “better than nothing.”  I’m on my third layoff and my third round of unemployment so I’m very tuned in to the realities of joblessness. You can... Read more »

TWO Gas Bill Woes

This natural gas shut off notice has been up on the TWO owned building  that once housed the Metropolitan & Entry House for a few weeks. What you may not be able to make out due to the quality of the picture is the past due amount owed for the building. $24, 647.63 As one... Read more »

Unemployment: Ten Unexpected Benefits and Annoyances

Yesterday was my unemployment five month “anniversary.” This is my third layoff in almost five years and its been extremely challenging. And when I say “challenging” I mean demoralizing and depressing. While I don’t post about this layoff as much as I did the first two, I did manage to see both the benefits and... Read more »

Why Is The Black Community "Responsible" Every Time A North Side Mob Beating Occurs?

This comment was one of many left on the article “11 Charged After Man Beaten on Near North Side.”  The highlighted emphasis is mine: Steve Mandel · Associate Creative Director at Pinnacle Advertising It’s nice to see a fairly intellegent discussion here, rather than the idiotic blatherings you ususally (sic) find. And I agree with... Read more »

Woodlawn Residents Challenge HUD and The City of Chicago

Woodlawn resident, particularly homeowners, are fed up with their voices not being considered in community planning. Currently the largest point of contention for some is the off site housing development component of the Grove Parc redevelopment plan. According to a recently launched petition at “In Chicago’s Woodlawn community there is currently a high concentration... Read more »