"The Wire": Chicago's West Side

Why pay your hard earned money to watch a fictional drama about drug dealing when a fellow Chicagoan has already provided you with the real live version for free?

Chicago24thWard has put a series of real videos on You Tube detailing the corners where drugs are sold, the routes that drug users take from the Expressway and gives a painstaking account of the transactions.

While no violence occurs in the videos, it clearly shows how blatant drug dealing has affected that neighborhood.

If there’s any silver lining from this spectacle it’s the fact that he clearly shoots license plate numbers and faces of people who—how shall I put this?—clearly don’t live in the neighborhood.

The videos also put to bed the stereotypes that people who live in communities affected by crime don’t care about where they live.

I applaud Chicago24thWard for his courage.

I can only hope that his work will make a difference in the long run and that he stays safe. Word about the videotaping is bound to spread and his life may be on the line.


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