The Best Immediate Legacy of Obamacare? O'Reilly Is Either A Liar or An Idiot.

When do you suppose this apology is going to happen?

If anything, America owes Justice Roberts a drink for making Mr. O’Reilly either be a liar or call himself an “idiot.”

This ought to be a good one.


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  • An idiot? O'Reilly? O, really?

  • Since the debate seems over the Commerce Clause, but Roberts's opinion says that it can be supported only by the power of taxation, not the Commerce Clause, technically O'Reilly wasn't an idiot on that point.

    There are plenty of idiots on Chicago Now today, including those that didn't pick up the distinction in the Roberts opinion between this not being a tax for the purpose of the Anti-Injunction Act, but the penalty being a tax for the purpose of the power of taxation.

    The opinion is now available (including a link on, but I wonder how many in the Chicago Now community will read the original.

    I'm just calling them as I see them.

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