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The CTA's South Side Problem: Suggestions

I received many comments on my initial post of the CTA’s shut down of the south branch of the Dan Ryan. The most popular ones asked me where my suggestions were to ease the pain of the five month construction period. Before I get into that, let me clarify one point:  My issue is not... Read more »

The Best Immediate Legacy of Obamacare? O'Reilly Is Either A Liar or An Idiot.

When do you suppose this apology is going to happen? If anything, America owes Justice Roberts a drink for making Mr. O’Reilly either be a liar or call himself an “idiot.” This ought to be a good one.

Retelling American History Through Rap?

By parodying Ice Cube’s famous video along with an homage to Crispus Attucks, Wayne Brady has taken satire to a whole new level. Crispus Attucks ‘Today Was a Good Day’ with Wayne Brady, JB Smoove & Michael Kenneth Williams from Wayne Brady just in case you haven’t seen the original: American history, black history, a... Read more »

The CTA's South Side Problem

Next week, the CTA will conduct two public hearings about it’s five month shut down of the south branch of the red line. Unlike some of my fellow south siders, I will not waste my time attending a meeting with an agency who has clearly demonstrated that they believe me to be a second class... Read more »

"The Wire": Chicago's West Side

Why pay your hard earned money to watch a fictional drama about drug dealing when a fellow Chicagoan has already provided you with the real live version for free? Chicago24thWard has put a series of real videos on You Tube detailing the corners where drugs are sold, the routes that drug users take from the... Read more »

The Woodlawn Organization Chronicals Continue

I knew about this story. And this story. But I didn’t know about this: Or this: So that’s why the 65th Street entrance of the Metropolitan, the building where Entry House is located, has been boarded up for the past few months. Questions answered. I guess I should start watching Channel 5 more often. The... Read more »