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Requiem For A Dive Bar

My favorite dive bar is being taken over by undesirables. The twenty somethings, corporate suits, sorority girls, tourists and hipsters have run out the firemen and the iron workers.  And I for one couldn’t be more pissed off about the change of demographics. Hunky men aside, a good dive bar is a thing of beauty. ... Read more »

Unemployment: A Video Perspective

He’s right, it really is hard to keep fighting the good fight where unemployment is concerned. 30 Years and Counting nails it—especially his short with all of those annoying cringe worthy questions that are asked of the unemployed. A more detailed post is in the works.

57th Street Art Fair Kicks Off South Side Summer Fun

Chicago is renowned for its summer festivals and street fairs. While the south side doesn’t have near the number of events as the north side, there are a few upcoming festivals of note starting with this weekend’s 57th Street Art Fair. Mark your calendars and get out and have some fun! 57th Street Art Fair—June... Read more »

Kevin Hickey: White Sox Nation Loses One Of It's Own

One of the first times I met Kevin Hickey he ripped on me. And I mean ripped on me. As only Kevin could in his unfiltered take no prisoner’s style. When I heard of his passing on Wednesday it brought back memories from almost 20 years ago when we worked for the Baysox, the AA... Read more »

Stop Wishing Me A Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day makes me cringe. Not because of the day itself but because random people will wish me “Happy Mother’s Day” all day long. It’s irritating. I realize that as a woman of a certain age it’s easy to assume that I have children.  That there are war stories of running down children, changing diapers... Read more »

Has Patrick Kane Become The New Kyle Farnsworth?

When word leaked out about Patrick Kane’s Wisconsin weekend exploits, I started to get annoyed—but not for the reasons that you would think. My initial reaction was leave the kid alone.  Haven’t any of you haters been 23 before? I remember 23 vividly (kinda). I thank God everyday that social media and cell phone cameras... Read more »

In Anticipation of NATO---The Dread Is Building

Is it me, or is anyone else dreading this NATO foolishness? When the President comes home to check his mail the city is on lock down. Now multiply that by 49 other heads of state along with an anticipated 35,000 protestors and secure zones; it’s a perfect storm of gridlock for the average Chicagoan. In... Read more »