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A NATO Primer: 10 Facts That You Should Know From School But Forgot

I’m sure you knew that the N.A.T.O Summit will be on our doorstep May 19th through the 21st. Much talk has already begun about how challenging the average Chicagoan’s life and commute will be for that weekend; but how much do you really know about N.A.T.O.?   1. What does N.A.T.O. stand for? North Atlantic... Read more »

Squirrels: My Dreaded Garden Foe

As an urban container gardener, squirrels are my sworn enemy. I’m sure any neighbor within earshot can hear me loudly swearing at any squirrel on my front or back porch. I hated the way they destroyed my hard work in the past by burying their scavenged foodstuffs in my containers.  Littering both my front and... Read more »

Prom Dresses: Schools Have To Enforce Standards Because Parents Won't

With all due respect to my blogging sister Jenna over at High Gloss and Sauce,  someone  should be policing prom fashion because clearly some parents have fallen down on the job. And if that someone happens to be a principal, dance chaperone or other duly appointed  adult it doesn’t make them skeezy; it makes them... Read more »

Urban Greening: Guerilla Gardening In Woodlawn

View of the garden beds from my back porch.
Some of my industrious and wonderful neighbors created these  garden beds from a neighborhood lot that’s been sitting vacant for some time. The land may belong to the city as they’re the ones who cut the grass in the summer. What used to be a place where homeless people camped, residents let their dogs run... Read more »

Buying Unmentionables: Guys, *NOW* I Get It!

Thumbnail image for 'Buying Unmentionables:  Guys, *NOW* I Get It! '
Gentlemen, I owe you an apology. I will never again mock your reluctance to go to the store and buy feminine hygiene products. Never again will I think you’re just being foolish when you don’t want to be seen with a box of tampons in your hands. I now understand what you’ve gone through. Substitute... Read more »

Fake Comcast Scam Alert

Per the 5th ward Alderman’s office, individuals claiming to represent Comcast have been circulating through Woodlawn conducting surveys.  It is believed that these “surveys” are simply a vehicle to gather personal information and possibly a household’s schedule. As with any unsolicited vendor, be careful.  Do not voluntarily give away any information about yourself or your... Read more »

A Spring Walk In Woodlawn

A group of trees on the western edge of Jackson Park along Stony Island, near the intersection of 64th Street.