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Going To The Bar? Then Leave Your Kids At Home!

Thank you for having children and insuring the survival of the human race. I’d really appreciate if you left them at home when you go out to the bar. Yes the bar.  Not the family restaurant, not a regular restaurant with adult beverages but the bar. Clearly some parents today have no problem taking their... Read more »

Barbara Smith: The Homicide Next Door, One Year Later

My next door neighbor, Barbara Smith, was found murdered in her apartment one year ago today. To the best of my knowledge little progress has been made in the apprehension of her killer. I watched her apartment finally being cleaned out last summer while watering my flowers.  Watching the belongings of a life and the... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day Recap: Thank God The G8 Got Taken Away

I had a few epiphanies sitting on the couch yesterday thinking about what I saw on Saturday. 1.  I’m too old for St. Patrick’s Day. 2.  Thank God the G8 got taken away. Saturday was a train wreck of epic proportions. It was the young woman throwing up in a planter on Michigan Avenue that... Read more »

Is The Chicago Police Department's Mounted Unit Disposing of Horse Manure In Jackson Park?

Close up of a pile of horse dung piled along the north face of a park district building off of 63rd Street.
Someone has been dumping horse manure in Jackson Park. I won’t even insult you by placing the word allegedly anywhere in the first sentence to qualify that statement. I walked past mounds of horse droppings on my way back home today and I was absolutely stunned at it’s abundance. Spread out in mounds along a... Read more »

Illinois Concealed Carry: Perhaps It Isn't Such A Bad Idea

It pains me to agree with the NRA but I’ve got to support the passage of concealed carry in the state of Illinois. According to Chicago Tribune reporter Peter Nickeas‘ Twitter feed, the first ten days of March brought 51 people shot city wide with 9 of those shootings being fatal. It doesn’t take a... Read more »

The Spin: What If James Meredith Had Integrated Ole Miss in 2012?

Can you imagine if the University of Mississippi had remained segregated and the James Meredith had enrolled there in 2012? I can see the press release blaming the victim now… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A 29 year old, liberal plant intent on stirring up trouble at a college campus is now demanding that your federal tax... Read more »