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Black History Month Wrap Up: Black And Missing on ABC's "The View"

Did you know that roughly 2,000 children go missing everyday in our country? If you didn’t know don’t feel bad, neither did I until I watched an episode of ABC’s “The View” on Monday. One of their segments focused on the safe return of Mishell Green to her family after she had been missing for... Read more »

The New Urban Dress Code: Young Man Edition

I’m tired of seeing saggy pants on young men. I have no interest in looking at your swap meet, knock off Versace underwear. If you belt your pants under your ass, this post is directed at you. Gentlemen, it’s time to raise the bar. Note: no one should ever refer to their athletic shoes as... Read more »

Sometimes A Girl Scout Is Just A Girl Scout

Clearly these are the faces of a “radicalized organization.” At least according to one very upset lawmaker. Indiana house Representative Bob Morris (R-Fort Wayne) wrote a letter to his fellow lawmakers about the dangers of the Girl Scouts of America. According to his research the Girl Scouts are funding Planned Parenthood, distributing their materials and... Read more »

Why Does Facebook Automatically Think the Black Person Is The Criminal?

When I was posting to a thread I started on my Facebook page this morning, I noticed the following ad on the right. Really, Facebook? I pray this isn’t intentional, just someone in Menlo Park not paying attention to the images it accepts from advertisers. I intentionally redacted the conversation from my thread as my... Read more »

Whitney Houston's Funeral Brings Back A Fond Memory

Sitting here watching coverage of Whitney Houston’s funeral is evoking both tears and joy. Tears because funerals by their nature are a sad occasion.  Most of us may have no close personal connection to Ms. Houston but we can all identify with losing someone close. Yet as I sit here watching the service, I was... Read more »

Racism, Genocide, Abortion & Eugenics

Abortion as a form of genocide on the African American community? Are you out of the ever lovin’ mind? As we near the middle of Black History Month, I’m noticing the overall concern about black women and our reproductive choices is on the rise. I’m highly skeptical that the pro-life forces in this country are... Read more »

Masque: Who's Gonna Taste Test The Product?

It started with a little post about the best way to “conceal any unpleasant flavors associated with pleasuring your man and his subsequent climax.” Just typing the words makes me shudder. Blech! Then came this message via Twitter: @WoodlawnWonder We were just sent your article from last month. Drop us a line on the site... Read more »