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Handmade Holidays; Inexpensive Wreaths

I wanted a wreath for my door that wouldn't involve me picking up needles or ornaments for weeks on end.  The center is filled with moss for a different effect.
If you’re watching your dollars but still want to go over the top with the Christmas decor, there is no better (or inexpensive) way to do this than with a paper wreath.  I found the idea via this YouTube video, got some old books from a friend and started making wreaths.  All you’ll need is the... Read more »

My Christmas Story

It was the cat that caught my eye. The yellow cat wandering around the back of the car amid suitcases and duffle bags, looking for a comfortable place to settle down for a nap. The car was packed from floor to ceiling with the belonging of the occupants. A man and a woman strapped into... Read more »

Make Yourself A Less Attractive Victim This Holiday Season

With the fatal shooting of Desahwn Moody outside of his South Shore home earlier this week, take some time to consider the following as you move about this holiday season: Ship Your Gifts If you have the means to do so, get large purchases or gifts shipped.  Ask if the store has delivery or will... Read more »

Masque: A New Addition For Your Erotic Toolkit?

Ladies the sexual bar has been raised. First the gauntlet was thrown down with Brazilian waxing. Next was bleaching your bum; or at least a part of your bum. Then, as if your sugar walls were defective, this whole rejuvenation craze kicked off. Those industries are downright quaint compared to what I found in a... Read more »