Make Yourself A Less Attractive Victim This Holiday Season

With the fatal shooting of Desahwn Moody outside of his South Shore home earlier this week, take some time to consider the following as you move about this holiday season:

Ship Your Gifts
If you have the means to do so, get large purchases or gifts shipped.  Ask if the store has delivery or will hold purchases.  Thieves are trained to look for individuals laden with potential gifts.

Take Note Of Your Neighborhood
If FedEx or UPS is a frequent visitor to your address, note what’s going on in your neighborhood.  Are there unfamiliar cars or people loitering about?  When we finally do get significant snow, do you see unfamiliar footprints around the perimeter of your home?  Once again, thieves don’t target homes by accident.

Minimize Your Personal Gear
I all but stop carrying a purse after Thanksgiving and try to only carry my CTA pass, debit card, license & a little bit of cash.  If I do have a purse, it’s only to carry my hair brush & makeup.  Leave your laptop at work.  If you look like you have nothing of value you’ll make a less inviting target. 

Take A Cab
If you are getting your drink on, just pay the money and take a cab home.  Now is not the time to be cheap.  It’s not guaranteed that something won’t happen, but it may drastically decrease the odds of you getting mugged.

Listen To Your Spidey Sense
My neighbor was also a victim of an armed robbery outside of our home on Monday night. 

Four young men approached him; one of them had a gun and demanded his wallet.  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt.  He sent everyone in our association an e-mail that mentioned how he disregarded his uneasy feelings when he saw the young men hanging around. 

Anyone who has been to our little part of Woodlawn know that people just don’t “hang out” where we live.  It’s a very quiet stretch behind a Catholic high school and most (if not all) of the residents on the block work.  Loiters are neither welcomed nor encouraged.

You see, a part of him knew those kids were up to no good but he ignored his instincts.

Don’t ignore yours.

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