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Why Do I Still See Blackface On Halloween?

Seeing a white person in blackface as a part of their Halloween costume is something I’ve come to expect. This year proved to be no different. Starting in college, I’ve seen many variations of a “costume” that included blackface.  Of course the wearer of the “costume” always made a bee line for me and attempted... Read more »

Chicago Plantation Politics---A Primer

In the early 1960s, a fresh-faced seminary student named Jesse Jackson came to Chicago, and, on the basis of a recommendation from North Carolina’s Democratic governor, Terry Sanford, won an audience with Daley I. The mayor was impressed with Jackson and offered him a job—as a toll collector. Jackson wanted something more substantial and instead... Read more »

Why Would You Think Anyone Would Want To Live With Violence? Debunking The Myth of The Bad Neighborhood

The armchair racists think they have all of the answers when it comes to crime ridden neighborhoods. And to be clear, when I say crime ridden I mean black neighborhoods. Because when the armchair crowd speaks, they usually do so in code.  Knowing this, it’s important that we all be on the same page for... Read more »

Living In the Real Clybourne Park---A Neighborhood On The Brink

After seeing Clybourne Park at the Steppenwolf a few weekends ago, I wondered what Loraine Hansberry would have thought of present day Woodlawn. Hansberry’s play A Raisin In The Sun was based on her family’s battle to purchase a home in the then all white Washington Park neighborhood in west Woodlawn.  The Hansberry’s three year... Read more »