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For Profit Parties In A Non Profit Owned Building---Does Tragedy Have To Strike Before Something Is Done?

The parties at The Metropolitan are a disaster waiting to happen. Then of course I’ve felt that way for years—ever since the congregation that filled the former Metropolitan Apostolic Church moved to Bronzeville. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the late night parties across the street from my building. Depending on the night,... Read more »

For Profit Parties In A Non Profit Owned Building---The Party Never Stops

Before I start from the beginning, let me give you some more examples of the parties that happened across the street from my home: Note that all of the parties shown above STARTED at 10:00 PM. These cards only represent a small portion of the parties that have been held at the former home of... Read more »

For Profit Parties In A Non Profit Owned Building---When Your Neighborhood Becomes The Party "Spot."

Imagine coming home from your waitressing shift on a Saturday night to  find this going on next door? Or a multi Saturday “Juke Jam” potentially bringing hundreds of high school students within steps of your front door? My neighbors and I have seen fights, loud intoxicated partiers, people engaged in sex, liquor bottles and so many Popeyes three... Read more »

An Open Letter To The Troublemakers

Dear dumbass, short-sighted, selfish children; thank you for making it just that much harder to be black in Chicago. You idiots are living up to every negative stereotype and are too stupid and too young to realize that your actions are setting race relations in this city back fifty years. What you’ve done has given... Read more »

Ladies Stop Embarrassing Yourselves In Gay Bars

You know who you are—the ones who drunkenly proclaim their undying booze fueled love for a man that will never love you back. At least in the way you’re thinking. Being a supportive loyal friend is one thing, attempting to transition a relationship with someone who’s not interested is quite another. Seeing that Pride has... Read more »