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Barbara Smith: The Homicide Next Door

I knew I met a kindred spirit in Barbara Smith when I noticed she was a “watcher.”  That she, like me, would take notice of things in our Woodlawn neighborhood that others might not.  We both relied on public transportation so we had the opportunity to walk around and see the changes that don’t quite... Read more »

The Homicide Next Door

The Homicide Next Door
Note:  The comments in blue were taken from my Facebook feed as the events next door unfolded. Our block is very quiet. So the screams I heard around 8:13 last night were more than a little out of place.  In our corner of Woodlawn, there isn’t much activity on our street on a weeknight. A... Read more »

Mayor Elect Emanuel---Condo Owners Need Help Too.

Mayor Elect Emanuel, In case no one on your transition team told you, condo owners of all stripes in our city are in a world of hurt.  Questionable developers + slipshod workmanship + cutting corners + undereducated consumers = a housing nightmare. The first manifestation is already here; buildings built (or rehabbed) so poorly that... Read more »

No South Side Level 1 Trauma Centers Leads to Reality Check

A woman was shot and critically wounded in her legs during a drive by at 61st & Cottage Grove a few weeks ago. Despite the fact she was literally three blocks from one of the best teaching hospitals in the country (or maybe even the world), she was taken to Northwestern hospital for treatment approximately... Read more »