Bears Tickets Bartered For Summer Sailing

Bears Tickets Bartered For Summer Sailing

When life gives you a tremendous opportunity, parlay it into an even larger one!

Instead of selling my NFC championship tickets, I bartered them for a summer cruise on the lake for me and my friends on the Tall Ship Windy.


Captain Bruce and I cut a similar deal four years ago when the Bears played the Saints for the NFC championship so I know he’s a stand up guy.  A great time was had by all on the Red Witch so I called him up and proposed another deal.  I got a contract, he got the tickets.

I know it’s hard to think about summer when it’s 4 below, but imagine standing on the deck of this beautiful girl when it’s warm.

Of course, there’s a back story but for now let’s focus on me getting my limbo swagger back into effect.


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