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Unemployment Blues: The Dignity Trap

Never, ever, ever walk into the Department of Human Services with a shred of dignity or self respect.  Not only will the staff sense it, but your fellow applicants may as well. While there are some people who are unemployed like you, some aren’t.  The unifying factor in this group is that everyone will be... Read more »

Unemployment Blues: What Not To Wear

There are unwritten rules you must learn if you plan to successfully navigate the Department of Human Services. I’ll start with a key strategy—dress down.  Not the way you’d dress down to meet a friend out for watching the game at the bar or  if you were babysitting a small child.  I mean “look like a bag of... Read more »

Unemployment Blues: The Department of Human Services

In order to get a feel for the environment at the Department of Human Services office located at the corner of 63rd & Ingleside, please watch the video below.     Conforming to stereotypes 101—class is in session. It’s important to understand the environment I had to walk into to ask for help.  Sometimes, mere... Read more »

Historic Woodlawn Churches

Close up view of the portrait.
On my tour of Woodlawn’s coffee shops, I happened to notice two beautiful churches during my walk. First Presbyterian Church and the Shrine of Christ The King Roman Catholic Church are situated mere blocks away from Woodlawn’s best know house of worship, Apostolic Church of God. Yet because of their locations at 64th & Kimbark... Read more »

Woodlawn Coffee Shops

Woodlawn Coffee Shops
The larger coffee purveyors have yet to set up shop in Woodlawn, but don’t despair if you have a hankerin’ for a cup of joe or a nosh; Robust Coffee Lounge and Backstory Cafe have got you covered.   My neighbor and I decided to to take a coffee tour of our immediate neighborhood to... Read more »

Unemployment Blues: No Money Coming In

I was living hand to mouth with unemployment, now that it was gone things went from bad to worse. Five weeks with no money was horrible. But—believe it or not—I was now eligible for some assistance programs.  With a household size of one I was not eligible to receive any type of help with my... Read more »

IHMD on ChicagoNow Radio

In case you missed me on ChicagoNow Radio last Saturday with Amy Guth and Alex Quigley, here’s your chance to listen.