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The Price of Foreclosure: The Owners

The Price of Foreclosure:  The Owners
According to public records at the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court, seven people owned two or more units in the 4725 South Michigan Condo Association. Those seven individuals, Ronald Allen, John Welch, Amanda Fanaro, Justin Daugherty, Kristin Daugherty, Lindsey L. Haake & Chloe Niems, account for 26 properties that are being foreclosed upon.... Read more »

The Price of Foreclosure: Public Records

The Price of Foreclosure:  Public Records
If you know where to look, public real estate records can tell a fascinating story. The documents concerning the 4725 South Michigan condo association were pulled from various online Cook County records and court documents. I performed basic searches via the following departments: Cook County AssessorCook County TreasurerThe Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook... Read more »

The Price of Foreclosure

The Price of Foreclosure
I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll be seeing more of this as the economy continues to flounder. It only makes me wonder if this fire at a defacto abandoned condominium building was an accident.  With the weather starting to change, perhaps the occupants needs to keep warm at night.  I’d be less than honest if... Read more »