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Now It's Personal

You only have so many times to talk shit to me before the gloves comes off. And when the gloves are off, they are off. When I received that reply what wasn’t said vs. what was said was fairly obvious—at least in my mind.  I was tired of explaining myself and my motives.  I was... Read more »

Lost In Translation

When I received the reply to my simple question, I started seeing red. On the surface, the response seemed pretty cut and dried.  Yet if you knew the amount of rancor just under the surface of those words, a clearer picture comes into view. Allow me to give you my intrepretation of our Treasurer’s reply:... Read more »

Simmering Tensions

The latest round of foolishness started with a simple question. “Can someone tell me if any portion of the TIF plan includes evacuating the animals residing in our walls and fixing the holes in the roof?  What about the back portion of the fence?  If no one has an answer, I can always call my... Read more »