Now It's Personal

You only have so many times to talk shit to me before the gloves comes off.

And when the gloves are off, they are off.

When I received that reply what wasn’t said vs. what was said was fairly obvious—at least in my mind. 

I was tired of explaining myself and my motives. 

I was tired of attempting to help a few individuals understand my unemployment and my financial situation.

I was tired of those same individuals attempting to use condo association business in a game of one upsmanship to air petty grievances.   

I was tired of letting these little barbs slide.

So I went there.



You brought up a number of peripheral issues in addition to my question.  I will do my best to address them in this response.

  • In order to expedite a permit, a request has to have been submitted.  Advise me when this happens and I will speak with Alderman XXX’s office.  Please note that obviously there can be no guarantees.
  • Now that unemployment has been reinstated, you should expect a cashier’s check or money order on your doorstep before the end of the month or early August.   
  • Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to get additional exterminators out to inspect our roof and squirrel problem.  Unfortunately some firms simply do not want to do business on the south side.  I seemingly happened to hit three of them. 

Lastly, I have decided to severe my NHS TIF funds from the group’s and pursue the roof and fence issue separately. 

I’ve already spoken to NHS who will assign me my own construction specialist.  Hopefully he or she will have much better luck finding qualified pest control and roofing contractors.  While the pest issue affects all of us, those of us who live on the third floor have a particular interest in making sure the roof is stable and secure.  

Naturally board approval will be required of any project affecting the association.  I’ll the board appraised every step of the way.  I know we can work together to get our multiple issues addressed.

I trust this has answered all of your questions.


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