Lost In Translation

When I received the reply to my simple question, I started seeing red.

On the surface, the response seemed pretty cut and dried.  Yet if you knew the amount of rancor just under the surface of those words, a clearer picture comes into view.

Allow me to give you my intrepretation of our Treasurer’s reply:

No, it does not cover it extermination or the fence.  Feel free to call NHS if you like, but no, the money is not going to pay for those issues (Go f*ck yourself, Woody).

What back portion of the back fence are you referring to?  The fence is going to stay as it is.  Unless the board votes on spending money to put up a new fence for Ms. Martinez (Since it’s her limited common element let her pay for the missing perimeter of the fence.  Excuse our short sighted selfishness that anyone could come onto our property and try to break in any one of our units.  It’s her problem—let her deal with it) , and that is highly unlikely, given that the board has never paid for an individual unit’s issue, and it would be highly irresponsible to spend money on that, given the status of our ongoing building issues. 

Let me remind you that we STILL have several people (And when I say several people, I mean you Woody.) who are very delinquent in their account (F*cking deadbeat, how dare you ask questions about money when you’re so far behind in your assessments.) and if that money was paid up by the 4 people who still are not paying, maybe we would have enough to do all the projects we wanted. (Since you’ve got the gall to ask, we’re going to attempt to embarrass you with thinly veiled finger pointing) We currently have 3 leins and are going to vote on a 4th lein within the next few weeks. (And that 4th lein is you if you don’t keep your pipe down or pay up.  NOTE:  A thinly veiled threat.)

By the way, were you ever able to get more quotes for exterminators to remove the animals from the wall? (Why haven’t YOU completed YOUR deliverable?  Slacker.) As I recall, the 3 quotes that we initially provided, plus the one that you provided, were not useful, correct?  You indicated that you would call more places and get estimate, if I recall correctly.  Have you had any luck with that?

One last thing, did you ever go to the alderman’s office to get the expidited (sic) permit for the violations? (Why isn’t this other deliverable done—bullshit artist) We have not heard back a response from you on that we really want to move forward on this since our next court date is coming up at the end of the month.  Please let us know if you in fact did do this or if you cannot do this afterall (sic) so that we can have someone else do it. Thank you.

That was it.  I had enough.  I will only let you talk sh*t for so long. 

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