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Enough. I was tired of seeing Mt. Carmel’s lawn care workers make the litter problem worse by kicking trash into the street. So I took a trip downstairs to confront the perpetrator. The worker was standing on a riding mower so I had to wait a few minutes for him to get back down to... Read more »


There is little I can do about the litterers in my neighborhood. The fact that these pains in the ass have more respect for their rusted out ’86 Chevelles than the parkway is enough to drive me crazy. Clearly it’s okay to have a clean beater at the expense of the sidewalk. For those of... Read more »

Non Tradition Markets, Non Traditional Clients, Part 2

Now you need the best and most nutrious bang for your buck.  Angel Food ( feeds a family at a fraction of the price than most retail grocery chains.
It’s official, WalMart has saturated every suburban and small town market in America. Then of course you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. As a result, WalMart have set their sights on other emerging retail markets.  Places where the competition is low, the populace is excited about a major retail presence... Read more »


Imagine my surprise when my Twitter name came up in this post from @patriotmom32: “WoodlawnWonder is blaming the Senate GOP for allowing the stimulus to go through – in case anyone is friends with her – liberal nut!“ Ummm…What? Now I don’t think @patriotmom32 is a regular reader but think this is what may have... Read more »

The Notice

I received this little ditty from the Illinois Department of Employment Security today: “You have exhausted your entitlement to benefits.  Legislation is pending that could make you eligible for further benefits.  You will be notified if you are determined eligible for further benefits.  Continue to certify every week.” This isn’t political spin my friends, this... Read more »


This post was originally published on September 7, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 Assuming my condo association gets the loan; our back porch construction timeline should look a little something like this: Mid September to October 1st, 2005The loan is approved and the final bank paperwork gets signed off. We also sign the... Read more »