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Non Tradition Markets, Non Traditional Clients

You may have noticed that people tiptoe around issues of race in this country. And for good reason. One man’s joke is another man’s insult. Yet back in the day, Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live walked the line between brilliant satire and scathing commentary. I am nowhere near as gifted and funny as Mr.... Read more »

What Now?

What Now?
I am paralyzed with fear. The unemployment bill got killed in the Senate yesterday.   Since the Democrats can’t override the Republican filibuster, they have stated that they will move on to other legislation. For me and over one million people in this country, unemployment is was the only money we have had coming in while... Read more »

Judgment Day, The Case of the Missing Numbers

In my last post, Snap Judgment me and Rational me were having a bit of a dust up. Snap Judgment me was highly skeptical of the new neighbors moving into the rehabbed building down the street; while Rational me was willing not to pre-judge. Yet as my sister pointed out during another conversation, being judgmental... Read more »

Judgment Day

My sister and I frequently discuss how judgmental I can be. It’s been an ongoing topic for years. She sees it as judgment; I see it as avoiding the potholes in the road before you bust an axle. And while we don’t see eye to eye, I’m honest about how I feel.  Now honestly doesn’t... Read more »

On The List

My doctor, Leslie Ramirez, is a rock star.   I’ve been going to her for years. I’ve heard horror stories of uncaring, unsympathetic doctors who have the bedside manor of Gregory House. Luckily for me, Leslie is not that type of doctor. When I met her out socially a few months ago she asked me why... Read more »

Just Planted

I planted my tomatoes and peppers. Now if I could only find collard greens to finish my plot.
I went out to the back 40 last week, hitched up the mule and started planting. Truthfully, I just had to get my plot at the Jackson Park urban farm ready.  Hopefully I’ll be rewarded with tomatoes and peppers. The way it’s looking, if unemployment isn’t extended by Congress, that may be the only thing... Read more »

Foreclosure Follies: Hello, Congress?

Foreclosure Follies:  Hello, Congress?
I know I’m not the only one who’s going through hard times. But it might be nice if congress got off their a*ses and extended unemployment benefits—soon.  And when I mean soon I mean within the next three weeks. I checked my unemployment account and that $752.00 I have isn’t going to last long. What... Read more »

Foreclosure Follies: Making My Peace

Foreclosure Follies:  Making My Peace
 Just when I think I have my brain and emotions wrapped around this   foreclosure thing, something springs up that starts me crying again. This time it was a UPS notice from my mortgage servicer, Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS).  I’m not taking this as a good sign. This sent me into a crying jag which is... Read more »

The Loan

This post was originally published on September 6, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 Well here’s where it gets interesting folks. We need money to get the porch project started but it would seem that we may not be the best credit risk at this point. Let’s go over what we know so far:... Read more »

And Thank You For Your Support

My Bloggie “Best Kept Secret” finalist nod earlier this year got me jonesin’ for more online glory. So the quest continues for internet props and (hopefully) swag via the Black Weblog Awards. In case my love of Tory Burch and gardening didn’t give away the fact that I’m black, perhaps my profile picture and the... Read more »