Stephanie Izard @ the 61st Street Farmer's Market

The 61st Street Farmer’s Market had a genuine celebrity in our midst today. Top Chef winner & Chicagoan extraordinaire Stepanie Izard came to the 61st Street Farmer’s Market today for a cooking demonstration with the kids from Common Threads.

Not only was her offering delicious, (jazzed up sloppy joes) but it brought a little buzz to our market which is a very welcome oasis in our little food desert.

We were also fortunate enough to have Courtney Nzeribe perform an earlier demonstration where she prepared lamb sliders with rhubarb onion sauce. 

I don’t like lamb or rhubarb but was pleasantly surprise that I adored her sliders.  Even if I didn’t trust my own taste, the hordes of children who came back for seconds would of erased any doubt of the finger smackin’ goodness.

The photos are of the cell phone variety so excuse the quality.

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